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It was´nt many people that comment in my last post on my question, if I should write my posts in Swedish or in English, but I decided that it would be more fair to write in English. It is also very good for me because my English is not that good as it should be. haha.
It would be a challenge for me.

We woke up about 11 o´clock this morning. When I say we, I mean me and Jayson of course. We have not done anything special today than just going to Ica to buy some things for dinner. 

On Friday I was on Max and left my letter that I quit at work. I, Rosita and Valon, her boyfriend, went to Mc Donalds to eat but it was full of people there so we went to Burger King instead. We sat there for, at least, 2 hours. When the clock was about half past 6 we took the bus, Rosita and Valon went down to the station but I jumped off at Mio, because Jayson has his internship there. 
He would finish the practice at 6 o'clock so I went in to Mio to check what was there, it ended with the purchase of three new vases for my flowers. I would post some pictures on them after the text. 
When I came home I realized that I only was needing two vases because one of them already had a vase. So dumb. 

Yesterday, mom and Philip was in Värnamo to look at the cinema and Johan had the guard so I and Jayson would suit Liam if Johan got alarm. We went to Smålänningen and there we bought some small things. I finally bought a pull on the bed sheet. 

But we will be heard in the next post, so you will have a good time and then we will hear. 



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